Events Committee

The events committee is responsible for the preparation for and planning of events. They will assist in the many nuances of events such as staffing choices, venue locating, and much more.


Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for keeping track of current members as well as attracting new ones. They will craft a network of individuals in order to further promote the council and invite in new members. They will also create strategies for ensuring engagement among current members.


Marketing Committee

The marketing committee is responsible for creating awareness of the work done by the Energy Diversity & Inclusion Council. They promote events, draft marketing campaigns, and create advertising and social media content for the council and council events.


Program Committee

The program committee is responsible for all programs run by the council. They will determine logistics such as timing, location, staffing, and scope of all programs run by the council.


ERG/BRG Committee

The ERG/BRG Committee is responsible for integrating ERG/BRGs into the council. ERGs are powerful sources of information, insight, and change, and the council fully intends to integrate their work. The committee will coordinate collaboration with ERG/BRGs and collect data for future initiatives.


CEO Committee

The CEO Committee is responsible for initiating change from the top. The committee will be a place for CEOs to gather and discuss meaningful, sustainable change in the industry, so that they and the council can put initiatives in motion.


Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee is responsible for onboarding new volunteers. They will introduce newcomers to committees and connect with them with their collaborators.


Scorecard Committee

The scorecard committee is responsible for collection of data regarding the EDIC scorecard. They will collaborate with energy companies to collect data regarding their demographics to use for the publishing of the scorecard.


**Please note that other committees will be added based on the suggestion of our members and volunteers.